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Sephardic Genealogy Databases

Almost all the databases below were provided to SephardicGen by Mathilde Tagger.
They are the result of many years of careful dedicated work and we all bear an enormous debt of gratitude to Mathilde Tagger.

Menu of Database Groups:
Consolidated Index of Sephardic Surnames (CISS)   Index to databases
Sephardic Names
Gazetteer of Sephardic communities
Databases by Country
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The Databases

CISS - Consolidated Index of Sephardic Surnames, from the Sephardic Databases on this website
170,000+ Name index compiled by Jeffrey Malka. Includes all the names from the databases listed below.

Sephardic Names Names
Archived namelist with sources from website that is no longer on the web.
Jewish Surnames in North Africa
Over 12,000 surnames. Based on the onomastic studies of Maurice Eisenbeth, Abraham Laredo, Paul Sebag, Jacques Taieb, and Joseph Toledano.
Jewish Surnames in the Balkans
5,372 surnames. Based on several onomastic studies.
Sephardic Surnames of Northern European Communities
2,721 surnames. Based on several sources.
Sephardic Surnames of the Caribbean Communities
1,335 surnames. Based on several sources.
Sephardic Surnames of the Portuguese Isles
126 surnames. Based on several sources.
Sephardic Given Names   by Mathilde Tagger
1,484 Given Names in the Sephardic diaspora with their meanings and dimimutives.
Given Names of the Jewish Women of Damascus – 1583-1909   by Jacob Rosen   
Sephardic Surnames from a number of Jewish Sephardic sources    by Jeffrey Malka
Sephardic Family Trees   Links to Sephardic Family Websites by Jeffrey Malka
Les Fleurs de l'Orient   (Link off-site)  Sephardi families from the Ottoman Empire and Middle-East, 200,000 individuals (not all Sephardim) by Alain Farhi
Sepharades et Barbaresques    by Lionel Levi
Sephardic Studies   Contains a number of name lists

Gazetteer of Localities with Jewish Communities in the Sephardic Diaspora   NEW
Database Compiled by Mathilde Tagger
Search the Database for Communities and Places of Your Roots
(including alternative and old place names)

Databases by Country

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Archives Nationales d'outre mer (contains some Algerian civil records)
Voters List in Constantine (Algeria) and its District in 1880
Philippeville cemetery - Click on "Inhumations" for burials data (names, dates, etc.)
Old Cemeteries of Algiers: Tombstone Inscriptions Annotated Index of Rabbi Isaac Bloch book (Paris, 1888)   
Algerian cemeteries - Click on registres.  (Link off-site)
Rabbis of Algeria Database Annotated Index of Eliahu R. Marciano. Malkhei Yeshurun. Jerusalem, 2000
Ketubot Sépharades d'Algérie
La voix d’Israël, Oran (1914-1923) – Name Index   
Jews from Algeria Deported from France in WWII

Buenas Aires Avellaneda Cemetery
Ashkenazi-Sephardi marriages in Argentina - Jewish Genealogy

The Turkish Community of Vienna; Birth Register (1848-1938)
The Turkish Community of Vienna; Wedding Register (1846-1938)
Some Sephardim Buried in the Zentralfriedhof, Vienna, Austria
Turkish Community of Vienna (1788-1818)
Sephardic Graves - Vienna, Zentralfriedhof   (Link off-site)
(see also Reconstruction of the Vienna Turkish (Sephardic) Synagogue )

Jews from Bulgaria Deported from France in WWII
Bulgarian Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
Bulgaria's Chief Rabbis
Russe (Rutschuk) Wedding Register (1889-1929)
Index of Arditti: Prominent Jews of Bulgaria in the 19th & 20th Centuries    ( Enlarged version)
Bulgarian Jewish Casualties in Balkan Wars and WW1
Jewiash Bulgarian Partisans   by Michael L. Hoffman, Ph.D.
Burials in Shumen Cemetery
Memorial Plaques in Synagogues of Bulgaria   
The 1919 Directory of the Kingdom of Bulgaria
Bulgarian Surnames - A Dictionary
Bulgarian Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Prominent Jews in Egypt (1942-1943)   (Annuaire des Juifs d'Egypte 1942 & 1943)
Egyptian Directory 1941
Fargeon, Maurice. Les Juifs d'Egypte des origines a nos jours. Cairo, 1938.   Annotated Index.
Jews from Egypt Deported from France in WWII
Egyptian Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
Refugees from Erets Israel to Alexandria in WWI   (Link off-site)
1840 Montefiore Alexandria Census online   (Link off-site)
Marriage Authorizations by Alexandria rabbinate 1934-35   (Link off-site)

Eretz Israel (Land of Israel)
(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Montefiore 1839 Census of Eretz Yisrael  (Sephardim in the Montefiore 1839 Census)
Database Compiled by Mathilde Tagger and Rose Feldman
Gaon, Moshe David. [Oriental Jews in Eretz Yisrael], Jerusalem, 1938
Annotated Index Compiled by Mathilde Tagger
Sephardic Chief Rabbis in Erets Yisrael for the Period 1665-2007 by Mathilde Tagger
Sephardim in Helkat Mehokek: the Mount of Olives   
Sephardic Ketubot from Israel
Index of Family Trees in the JNUL archives   (Link off-site)
EIRI-Eretz Israel Records Indexing   (Link off-site) by the Israel Genealogical Society.
More than 100,000 records and around 20,000 different surnames of individuals (click on "pdf file" to see records):
- Records from the Ottoman period (Mount of Olives gravestones, 2 Montefiore censuses British consulate records)
- WW II Records (Refugees in Alexandria, Jewish Legion soldiers, US citizens 1917)
- Records from the British Mandate (1922 British Mandate census, Name changes from 1921-1948 Palestine Gazette, 1929 riot victims, etc.)
Sephardim from Eretz Israel Deported to Bergen Belsen

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
French Jews exterminated in Concentration Camps
French Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen
1808 Southeast France Name Declaration (Juifs du Pape) by Alexandre Beider
France Southwest (Sephardic Jews from Bordeaux, Bayonne etc. who lived as Crypto-Jews before 1723) by Alexandre Beider
Sephardic Ketubot from France

Sephardic Ketubot from Germany

Sephardic Ketubot from Gibraltar
Databases for the Jewish Community of Gibraltar   (Link off-site)
Gibraltar Jewish Community website   (Link off-site)

Great Britain
British Sephardim Deported to Bergen Belsen
Sephardic Ketubot from Great Britain
Marriages at Bevis Marks (1701-1900)
JGS of Great Britain and JewishGen's searchable UK Databases   (Link off-site)
British Proteges and Subjects in Erets Israel 1839-1914   (Link off-site)

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Nehama J. Histoire des Israelites de Salonique. Thessaloniki: 1936-1978. 7 vols.   Annotated Index. Compiled by Mathilde Tagger
Jews from Greece Deported from France in WWII
Greek Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
Rabbis buried in Saloniki 5281 - 5460 (1521 - 1800 C.E.)
Recanati, Aure. The Jewish Community of Salonika, 1943
16th Century Saloniki Synagogues and their memberships
Rhodes Jewish Cemetery - Names   (Link off-site)
Persons from Rhodes Who Were Transferred to the Ferramonti Internment Camp in Italy   (Link off-site)
Rhodes and Cos Holocaust Victims   (Link off-site)
Janina Holocaust Victims   (Link off-site)
Volos Holocaust Victims   
Crete Holocaust Victims   
Florina Holocaust Victims   
Greek Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen

Calcutta Cemetery Inscriptions
500 Tombstone pictures from 39 cemeteries in India by Isaac Solomon   (Link off-site)

(see also la section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Jews of Irak deported from France during WWII

Venezia Ancient Cemetery
Livorno 1841 Census of Jews
Tuscany: Archivio di Stato di Firenze: Online Civil registrations for Napoleonic Period 1808-1814; Italian Restauration 1816-1865   (Link off-site)   
Livorno: Civil registrations Napoleonic Period 1808-1814
Livorno: Civil registrations during Restauration 1816-1860
Livorno: Civil registrations during Restauration 1861-1865
and similar for civil registrations of Pisa, Firenze, Siena, Pitigliano, etc.
  (Thanks to Michele Sacerdoti for this information)
Two Charity Societies in Livorno, Italy (1664 and 1715)
Name Index of Luzzatto's Gal Avanim, Trieste, 1851
Surnames in Italy (Searchable)   (Link off-site)
Sephardic Ketubot from Italy (786 Ketubot, 3,200 persons)
Italian Sephardim Deported to Bergen Belsen

Jewish Surnames in Lebanon   
Jews from Lebanon Deported from France in WWII
Montefiore 1839 Census of Eretz Yisrael  (Jews of Sidon (Saida) in Lebanon were counted in the Montefiore 1839 Census)
Database compiled by Mathilde Tagger and Rose Feldman
Beirut Jewish Cemetery Database compiled by Nagi Georges Zeidan   
Sephardic Ketubot from Lebanon   

Jewish Victims of Libyan Riots in 1945, 1948, and 1967
Libyan Jews deported from France during WWII
Libyan Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen
Sephardic Ketubot from Libya

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Meknes Family Trees, 26,000+ individuals
(Raphael and Georgette Cohen Collection at Beit Hatfutsot)
Jews from Morocco Deported from France in WWII
Moroccan Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
Index of Ben Naim. Malkhei Rabbanan [Rabbis of Morocco]
Index of Ovadia. Fas vehakhameiha [Fes and Her Rabbis]
Sephardic Ketubot from Morocco (402 ketubot, 2900 individuals)
Mogador (Essaouira) Illuminated Ketubot- Index of Book (1789-2003)
Melca site on Mogador (genealogical data on 8,400 individuals)   (Link off-site)
Victims of 1948 Riots in Oujda and Jérada   
Tangier Beit Hahayim Cemetery   (Link off-site)
Searchable database of names with parents, etc.
Essaouira - Mogador Cemeteries   (Link off-site)
Searchable database of names and other identifying information from the cemeteries of Essaouira (Mogador), Morocco.
Casablanca Jewish Cemetery (5800+ tombstone photos)   (Link off-site)
Marrakesh Jewish Cemetery (names and photos)   (Link off-site)
Tetuan Jewish cemetery (searchable)   (Link off-site)   
Agadir Jewish Cemetery   (Link off-site) (archived webpage)
Click on "Cimetiere Israelite d'Agadir" for photos and tombstone inscriptions.
La Voix des Communautés [French]   (Link off-site)
historical Jewish newspaper in Morocco
1000 Maghrebians (Index of book by Abraham Elharar) - Searchable database   (Link off-site)

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Sephardic marriages in Amsterdam (Mokum) 1598-1811   (Link off-site)
Portuguese marriages in Amsterdam 1664 - 1926   (Link off-site)
Akevoth (Jewish Genealogical research in the Netherlands)   Superb resource (Link off-site)
Poor Sephardic Jews given Sedaka in Amsterdam to move elsewhere
Amsterdam Personal Files at CAHJP   
Beth Haim at Ouderkerk aan de Amstel Jewish Cemetery   (Link off-site)
Searchable databases of Jewish Cemetery at Ouderkerk, Marriages in Mokum, Family Name adoptions, Portuguese marriages, etc.
Vaz Dias Index of Sephardic Name aliases
Index of dowries for Pautas (poor Sephardic girls).   
Promesas, finta and impostas of 17th century Sephardic Jews in Amsterdam.   
Sephardic Ketubot from The Netherlands
93 Sephardic burials at Middleburg, Netherlands   (Link off-site)
Digital Monument to the Jewish Community in the Netherlands   Dutch Shoah victims (Link off-site) click on "news"
Dutch Sephardic Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Faro Cemetery in Portugal. Index of Burials (1838-1932)
Funchal Cemetery, Madeira   
Portuguese Inquisition Trials at CAHJP   (Link off-site)  
Portuguese Inquisition Trials at Torre do Tombo   (Link off-site)  
Torre do Tombo Search Page   (Link off-site)

Craiova War Memorial for Jews who perished in 1913, 1916-19.   

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Medieval Jewish Surnames That Survived in the Sephardic Diaspora
Search Ancient Toledo Tombstone Inscriptions
Jewish Surnames from the Periodical Sefarad 1941-2007
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.1: Regne, History of the Jews in Aragon
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.4: Leroy, Jews of Navarre
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.6: Assis, Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.8: Castellon, Burriana, Villareal
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.9: Valencia
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.11: Medieval Ketubot
Jewish Records in 15th Century Seville Archives   
Sephardic Ketubot from Spain

Aleppo Brit Milah (Circumcision) Database, 1868-1945   
Aleppo Marriage database   
Aleppo Eulogies database   
Jews from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Syria Deported from France in WWII
Tombstone Inscriptions of Aleppo Rabbis
Rabbis buried in Damascus 5410 - 5693 (1650 - 1933 C.E.)
Sephardic Ketubot from Syria (170 persons)

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
Jews from Tunisia Deported from France in WWII
Tunisian Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
Jewish Martyrs who Perished in Nazi Forced Labor Camps   
Tunisian Rabbis: Inscriptions in Tunis Old Cemetery (Arditti)
Sephardic Ketubot from Tunisia

(see also section "WEBSITES BY COUNTRY" )
(see also Austria section)
Jews from Turkey Deported from France in WWII
Turkish Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
Chief Rabbis of Turkey: 1454-2007
Rabbis buried in Izmir 5300 - 5620 (1540 - 1860 C.E.)
Galante, A. [History of the Jews of Turkey]. Istanbul, 1941. 9v.    Annotated index of the first four volumes
Turkish Jews deported to Bergen Belsen
Sephardic Ketubot from Turkey
Istanbul Rabbinate Jewish Records (Marriage and Burial)   (Link off-site)
35,000 Name Database Transcribed and Compiled by Dan Kazez and Volunteers
Civil Records of the Jews of Tire, Turkey   (Link off-site)
7,200 individual records from 1800s to 1960s plus images, etc.

Sephardic Cemeteries in Venezuela - searchable database   
Coro Sephardic Cemetery in Venezuela - searchable database   

(ex) Yugoslavia
Yugoslavian Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen
Index of Jews of Monastir (Bitola) who perished in Treblinka Death Camp in March 1943.   
Census of Jewish Family Heads In Beograd, Serbia in 1856
Sephardic Ketubot from Croatia
Sephardic Ketubot from Kosovo
Sephardic Ketubot from Macedonia
Sephardic Ketubot from Serbia

General Databases Off-site
French Archives in Aix en Provence
Online indexes of birth/wedding/death from French civil registers
Historical Jewish Press
Online indexes of historical Jewish newspapers (Palestine Post, AIU Bulletin, papers from Morocco, Egypt, etc.)
Family Tree of the Jewish People (FTJP)
Database (on JewishGen). You will need to register and login to search this database.
Though mostly Ashkenazi families, there are Sephardic families too.
This is a very useful tool for researchers of the same families to find each other. While there register the families you are searching so others can contact you.
JewishGen Online Worldwide Burial Registry (JOWBR)
Searchable database of names and other identifying information from cemeteries and burial records worldwide, from the earliest records to the present.
Sephardic-Mizrahi Postal History & Ephemera Database (multiple countries)
by Ron Laby
Steve Morse's search engines
Permits you to easily search passenger ship records of immigrants to the US, US census records, etc.

© Jeffrey Malka, 2007

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