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Gürçesme cemetery
February 1927 - October 1928

Index prepared by
Dov Cohen



    This database, transcribed by Professor Dov Cohen from the original notebook written in Solitreo, contains a list of 471 records from the "Hebra Kedosha Shel Kabarim" (Hevra Kadisha) of Izmir and includes the full names of people who died between February 1927 and October 1928.

    From the dates of the records there is no doubt that this is the Gürçeşme cemetery where they stopped burying since 1933-1934.

    This list is of particular interest because it includes a large number of information items. These include the name of the deceased, parents of the deceased, age, place of origin, spouse's name, family status (married / widowed / single), and the date of death  (Jewish and secular).

    The original document also contains information on the profession of the deceased, his/her address, and the name of the person next to whom he/she was buried in the cemetery.

    The original notebook is preserved in the CAHJP, TR/Izmir 664.

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