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Jeff Malka's

Consolidated Index of Sephardic Surnames
Compiled from other databases by Jeffrey Malka

Over 250,000 names
from the following Databases
are included in the Consolidated Index:

Alexandria (Egypt) Rabbinate Marriage authorizations * Algeria: Cemeteries of Algeria (Bloch) * Algeria: Rabbis of * Amsterdam, Poor Sephardic Jews given sedaka * Amsterdam Personal Files in CAHJP * Amsterdam, Vaz Dias index of Sephardic surname aliases * Amsterdam, Index of dowries for Pautas * Amsterdam Poor who went elsewhere * Amsterdam Aliases (Vas Diaz) * Aragon, Regne, Jews of Aragon * Arditti: Prominent Jews of Bulgaria in the 19th & 20th Centuries * Argentina Buenas Aires Avellaneda Cemetery * Austria: Turkish Community of Vienna birth records * Austria: Turkish Community of Vienna marriage registers * Austria: Sephardim buried in Vienna Zentralfriedhof Cemetery * Bulgarian Jewish casualties in Balkan Wars * Bulgaria: Jewish Partisans * Dictionary of Bulgarian Names * Bulgaria: Russe weddings (1898-1929) * Bulgaria 1919 Directory* Calcutta Cemetery * Constantine (Algeria) Voters 1880 * Egypt Directory 1941 * Egypt Annuaire 1942-1943 * Egypt Fargeon 1938 * France Sephardic names from the southwest * France 1808 name declaration * Greece: Index of Nehama's Juifs de Salonique * Greece: Index of Recanati Salonika 1943 * Greece: Crete Shoah victims * Greece: Florina Shoah victims * Index of Gaon's [Oriental Jews in Erets Israel] * Italy, Tombstones in Antique Cemetery of Venice * Italy: Index of Luzzato's Gal Avanim Trieste, 1851 * Italy: Livorno 1841 Census * Italy: Livorno Charities Lebanon: Jewish Surnames in Lebanon * Libya: Jewish victims of Libyan Riots * Meknes families * Mogador Illuminated Ketubot * Montefiore 1839 Erets Israel Census (includes Sidon, Lebanon) * Montefiore 1840 Alexandria Census * Morocco: Oujda and Djerada 1948 massacre * Leroy, Jews of Navarre * Portuguese Inquisition trials at the CAHJP * Portugal: Faro Cemetery * Tavares Jews in 15th century Portugal * Romania: Craiova War Memorial * Romania: Sephardic Jews in Romania * Saloniki 16th century Synagogues and their memberships * Sefarad Periodical Articles * Sephardic Ketubot from Diaspora * Serbia: Census of Jewish Family Names in Belgrade * Serbia: The Jews of Serbia 1521-1942 * names * Shumen cemetery burials, Bulgaria * Spain: 15th Century Seville archives * Spain: Assis, Jews of Santa Coloma * Spain: Castellon, Burriana & Villareal * Spain: Jews of Valencia * Spain: Lacave, Medieval Ketubot * Spain: Inquisition 1615 * Sephardim buried in Helkat Meholek (Mount of Olives) cemetery * Syria, Aleppo circumcisions * Syria, Aleppo eulogies * Syria Ketubot * Syria Marriage records * Turkey: Index of Galante's Histoire des Juifs de Turquie * Turkey: Izmir Brides and Grooms * Turkey: Izmir Gürçesme cemetery * Turkey: Jews of Tire

Rabbis: Sephardic Chief Rabbis Erets Israel * Bulgaria Chief Rabbis * Malkhei Rabbanan [Rabbis of Morocco] * Index of Ovadia's Fes Rabbis (Fez vehakhamekha) * Rabbis buried in Damascus 1650-1933 CE * Rabbis buried in Izmir 1540-1860 CE * Rabbis buried in Saloniki 1521-1800 * Chief Rabbis of Turkey.

Deportees from France during WW II of Jews from: Algeria, Bulgaria, Egypt, Greece, Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Syria, Tunisia, and Turkey.
Deportees from France exterminated in Concentration Camps from Egypt, Bulgaria, Greece, and Turkey.
Sephardic dead at Bergen Belsen. French Jews exterminated in Concentration camps. Moroccan Jews exterminated in Concentration Camps.

Surname Lists: Medieval Sephardic Surnames that have survived to the present * North African surname database * All Balkans surname database * Northern European Surname database * Caribbean Surname database * Portuguese Isles Surname database * Damascus names during the Ottoman Empire * Beider's Dictionary of Surnames 2017: Maghreb, Gibraltar and Malta * Beider's Dictionary of Surnames 2019: Italy, France, and Portuguese communities * and lists at Sephardic Surnames.

Search hints:
(See FAQ button for additional tips):

1. This index is meant as a helpful tool to more rapidly lead to you to the individual component database which contain more detailed information about the person.
2. In the individual databases making up the index, some individuals did not have surnames. So search the by given name only too and individual databases for that country as well.
3. When searching this index, search primarily on "Surnames" to maximize your chances of finding a person.
    **A few individuals did not have surnames in the component databases. They can be searched for by entering N/A in the Surname field.
4. When filtering by the country field, remember that many individuals listed as living in Erets Israel came from or were born in other countries. The other countries or countries of origin are often found in the individual databases.
5. "Sounds like" uses the American Soundex; "is phonetically" uses Morse-Beider's new phonetic matching designed for Sephardic names.
6. Do not use accented or foreign letters in the search fields. Because of the potential confusion I have converted such letters to their un-accented versions. Therefore
è, ê, ë will all be found as e
Ç, ç (c-cedilla) will be found as C, c
Names were written phonetically as found (e.g. Culema (pronounced Suleman) and name variants (Cag equialent to Isaac), etc.
7. **Many Sephardic surnames are composite surnames (Cohen Scali, Cohen Abulafia, Aben Haim. Ben Moussa, etc.). Therefore a search in the database for "Cohen" using the "is exactly" or "sounds like" search fields will not find most Cohen surnames. Searching for Cohen using "contains" will find them all. So avoid searching by "is exactly" and use the "contains" field instead.
8. Click on the "Frequently Asked Questions" button above for more hints.

Note: Please let me know if you find errors or problems in this database.
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** This is a large database to search through. The search may take time. Please be patient.
** Please do not flip rapidly from one results page to the next. This overloads and crashes the web server which will result in your being blocked.


© Jeffrey Malka, 2007
this tool was created using Stephen P Morse's One-Step Search Tool generator

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