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Eulogies from Aleppo, Syria
by Sarina Roffe


Jews have lived in Syria for over 3,000 years. Most lived in one of the two main centers along the caravan routes, Damascus or Aleppo (Aleppo is also known as Aram Soba or, in Arabic, Haleb). As is typical of other regions of the Ottoman Empire, Aleppo had no official birth, marriage, or death records. Deaths are often mentioned in manuscripts of Eulogies that have survived (see list below). Some records were kept by various rabbis and a few of these have survived and are located either in manuscript or on microfiche in the Jewish National and University Library in Jerusalem.

To examine these records, please contact:
Institute of Microfilmed Hebrew Manuscripts
Jewish National and University Library
POB 34165
Jerusalem 91341
tel 972-2-6586233
fax 972-2-6511771

These records have been translated and transliterated as part of the Sephardic Heritage Project, with donations from members of Brooklyn's Syrian Community, under the supervision of Sarina Roffé (Brooklyn, NY). The original records were written in a Hebrew Rashi special Aleppan script as well as Judeo-Arabic. They were translated to Modern Hebrew by Rabbi Abraham Ades of Bnei Brak, Israel. Then under the supervision of Galit Mizrahi (Jerusalem, Israel), the records were translated into English and converted into a database. Then they were edited by Sarina Roffé. Since the records have been through so many versions, it is possible that we made mistakes.

The records that may be searched with the search engine below consist of deaths in Aleppo, Syria, covering sporadic entries from periods as early as 1716 -1946.

Original versions of these records can be accessed in the sources provided in Israel. The records are not inclusive of all deaths and are from the following sources:

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