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196 rabbis buried in damascus, syria
during the years: 5410 - 5693 (1650 - 1933 c.e.)

from the book:
laniado, david bension. [book dedicated to aleppo saints] selection of sephardic rabbis epitaphs
addendum. jerusalem, 1952 (hebrew)
index compiled by Mathilde Tagger


   Rabbi david tsion (bension) laniado, born in aleppo in 1900, died in israel in 1976, is a descendent of well known rabbinical dynasty in aleppo, syria. while still very young, he immigrated to erets israel. most of his grown-up life was dedicated to that book. this is the reason why he never wanted to have any communal function. nevertheless, several times he was sent as an emissary to the usa and various cities of europe.

  As he writes in his book: "being busy to find out the epitaphs of aleppo rabbis and some of erets yisrael, it will be a mitzvah (a good deed) to add the epitaphs of damascus rabbis as it is said "a mitsvah deserves another".

  196 epitaphs are listed. for each one, there are: the surname, the given name, the death date according to the hebrew calendar and some notes.

  note: The text being in hebrew, the surnames and names are spelled according to their transliteration from hebrew letters to latin ones.

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3. note: the epitaphs of three rabbis buried in damascus (syria) during this period had no surnames. their given names are: betsalel (5608), reuben shlomo (5676), and yehuda b. moshe (5626).

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