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General Sites

- Index of names from Nehama's "Histoire des Juifs de Salonique"
- Zichron Saloniki (translated by David A. Rekanati)
- E.L.I.A. Greek archives (many Jews in their database)
- Jews of Rhodes seen by authors
- Rhodes Jewish Museum - Photos, etc.
- Jewish history of Macedonia
- Jewish History of Florina
- Hamehune Modillano.
The Genealogical story of the Modiano family from ~1570 to our days. by Mario Modiano
(Have patience: It is a 5MB pdf book and takes time to download.
Needs free Acrobat 5 reader to view)

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- Nehama J. Histoire des Israelites de Salonique. Thessaloniki: 1936-1978. 7 vols.   Annotated Index. Compiled by Mathilde Tagger
- Jews from Greece Deported from France in WWII
- Greek Jews from France exterminated in Concentration Camps
- Rabbis buried in Saloniki 5281 - 5460 (1521 - 1800 C.E.)
- Recanati, Aure. The Jewish Community of Salonika, 1943
- 16th Century Saloniki Synagogues and their memberships
- Rhodes Jewish Cemetery - Names   (Link off-site)
- Persons from Rhodes Who Were Transferred to the Ferramonti Internment Camp in Italy   (Link off-site)
- Rhodes and Cos Holocaust Victims   (Link off-site)
- Janina Holocaust Victims   (archived website)
- Volos Holocaust Victims
- Crete Holocaust Victims
- Florina Holocaust Victims
- Greek Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen

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