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Genealogy oriented
Inquisition and early Spanish Records
Spanish Archives
Archivos General de Indias: on-line database search
Instructions on how to access the Archivos General de Indias online database
Archives in Spain and Latin America
Search Ancient Toledo Tombstone Inscriptions
Jewish Surnames from the Periodical Sefarad 1941-2007
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.1: Régné, History of the Jews in Aragon
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.4: Leroy, Jews of Navarre
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.6: Assis, Jews of Santa Coloma de Queralt
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.8: Castellon, Burriana, Villareal
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.9: Valencia
Jewish names extracted from Hispania Judaica v.11: Medieval Ketubot
Portal to Spanish Archives
Spanish Ministry of culture CIDA database for Archives in Spain and Latin America - Searcheable online.
Jewish Surnames in Spain - based on Santo Oficio, Jewish censuses, etc.
List of Sephardic surnames from Comunidad Israelita Principado de Asturias
Cervera archives in Catalonia - 3,006 translated documents mentioning Jews dating from July 1328 to December 1499 by Maria Jose Camps Surribas
List of Sephardic surnames from Comunidad Israelita Principado de Asturias
Sephardic Origins And Familial Transformations in the Spanish Extremadura - by Roger L. Martínez-Dávila
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General Sites
Who are the Sephardim? A brief history.
Sephardic Surnames.
Evolution of Sephardic surnames.
Sephardic Museum of Toledo.
Toledo's Museo Sefardi ( Sinagoga del Transito Samuel Ha Levi).
Societat Catalana d'Estudis Hebraics.
Informació sobre la normalització de noms i cognoms (Institut d'Estudis Catalans).
Los judíos catalanes en la edad media. (archived article)
El Libro Verde de Aragon
FASSAC digital archives.
Western Sephardic Jewish Communities.
Jewish Life in Spain (today).
Basque Jews. (archived)
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For a more extensive bibliography click here

Malka, Jeffrey S.
Sephardic Genealogy:
Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World.

Avotaynu, 2002. Click here for Table of Contents and to order.
Indispensible. The ONLY comprehensive book for Sephardic Genealogy. -- History, research methods, archives, surnames, maps, bibliography, and more.

Leon Tello, Pilar
Judios de Toledo.
Institut Arias Montano, Madrid
Listing of Jews who lived in Toledo and Court Documents about them. For listing see Ben Nahman's page.

Regne, Jean
History of Jews in Aragon. Collection of Regesta and court documents 1213-1327.
Magnes Press. Hebrew University 1978
Good source of names from that period.

Elnecave, Nissim
Los Hijos de Ibero-Franconia.
Ediciones La Luz, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1981
Good source of names. List of names on Ben Nahman's page.

Ashton, Eliyahu
The Jews of Muslim Spain.
Jewish Publications Society, 1993
A "classic".

Baer, Yitzhak
History of the Jews in Christian Spain.
Jewish Publications Society, 1993.
A "classic".

Gerber, Jane
The Jews of Spain: A History of the Sephardic Experience.
The Free Press, MacMillan, New York, 1992.
A must read.
(And a good friend of my dad's)

Sachar, H. M.
Farewell Espana. The world of the Sephardim remembered.
Jewish Publication Society, Philadelphia, 1974-1985.
Great book by a master.

Raphael, David
The Expulsion 1492 Chronicles.
Carmi House Press. P.O.Box 4796, North Hollywood, California 91607.
Translations of contemporary writings about Sephardim and the Expulsion. Provides good insight.

Assis, Y.T.
Jews in the Crown of Aragon. 1213-1327.
Central Archives History of the Jewish People, Jerusalem, 1995.
Thorough study of Jews in northeast Spain. History, culture, sexual mores, etc. Essential.

Assis, Y.T.
Jewish economy in the Medieval Crown of Aragon, 1213-1327.
E. J. Brill, 1997.
Companion volume providing the Jewish economy information.

La Expulsion de Los Judios de la Corona de Aragon.
Institucion Fernando el Catolico, Zaragoza, 1991.

Donate & Magdalena
Jewish Communities in Valencia.
Magnes Press. The Hebrew University, Jerusalem 1990.
Good source for Valencia.

Rich Abad, Anna.
La comunitat jueva de Barcelona entre 1348 i 1391 a través de la documentació notarial.
Barcelona : Fundació Noguera, 1999.
Includes bibliographical references (p. 38-49) and index.

Romano, David.
Judíos al servicio de Pedro el Grande de Aragón (1276-1285).
Barcelona : Universidad de Barcelona, Facultad de Filología, 1983.
Includes biographical references.

Riera i Sans, Jaume, ed..
Cants de noces dels jueus catalans.
Barcelona, Curial, 1974.
Poems in Hebrew and Latin characters.

Lluís Marcó i Dachs.
Los judíos en Cataluña.
Barcelona : Ediciones Destino, 1985.
Translation of: Els jueus i nosaltres.

Jaume Riera i Sans.
Retalls de la vida dels jueus: Barcelona, 1301--Besalú, 1325.
Barcelona : R. Dalmau, 2000.
Includes bibliographical references.

Paris, Erna
The End of Days.
Promethius books, Amherst, NY 1995.
Very readable, perceptive and informative. Highly recommended.

Netanyahu, B.
The Origins of the Inquisition in XIV century Spain.
Random House, 1995.
A "classic" with a different point of view.

Roth, Cecil
The Spanish Inquisition.
W.W. Norton & Company, 1996.
Out of date but an "old classic".

Beinhart, Haim
Conversos on Trial. The Inquisition in Ciudad Real.
Magnes Press. The Hebrew University. Jerusalem 1981.
About the Inquisition in Villa Real in La Mancha.

Roth, Norman
Conversos, Inquisition and the Expulsion of the Jews from Spain.
University of Wisconsin Press 1995.
Much information about converso families and lists of converso names.

Ortiz, Dominguez
Judeoconversos en la espana moderna.
Editorial Mapfre, Paseo de Recoletos, 25 - 28004 Madrid 1992.

Singerman, Robert
The Jews in Spain and Portugal.
Garland Publishing, New York, 1975.

Liebman, Seymour B.
The Inquisitors and the Jews in the New World.
University of Miami Press
Except for a brief introduction, the entire book is a listing of Inquisition Records in the New World. Good source for converso names in the New World.

Adler, Elkan Nathan
Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages.
Dover Publishers, 1987.
19 fascinating first hand accounts. Entertaining and broadens your perspective.

Ginio, Alisa
Jews, Christians and Muslims in Mediterranean world after 1492.
Frank Cass and Co., 1992.
Useful information.

Abecassis, Jose Maria
Genealogia Hebraica. Portugal e Gibraltar.
Lisboa 1990 (in portuguese).
5 volumes of documented family trees (XVII to XX centuries)

Elazar, Daniel J.
The Other Jews. The Sephardim Today.
Basic Books 1992.
Thought provoking book about Sephardim today, both in Israel and around the world. Highly recommended.
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