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Calcutta Cemetery
An index compiled by Mathilde Tagger

Calcutta Grave Inscriptions

We received two separate files, separated by men and women graves, nevertheless the men’s file included many graves of women

Database Analysis:
Name column:
The names as they appear - first name, of the father, the grandfather and more - have been left as they were in the original document because of the lack of surnames in too many cases. From time to time the name cell included among others the name "Ashkenazi". That specific person was not called Ashkenazi but was of Ashkenazi origin. There were more than fifty such cases.

Sex Column:
This has been added to the original data to help the searcher as many given names are not well known.

The Birth Date and Death Date Columns:
The dates of birth as well as the dates of death were sometimes given according to the Hebrew calendar and sometimes according to the Gregorian one. In the present file each date appears twice, Hebrew and Gregorian, while the Gregorian dates also include also the day of the week. The conversion from one calendar to the other has been made possible thanks to the One Step Webpages of Sephan Morse.

Age and Grave number Columns:
Not needing any correction, they were left as given.

Notes Column:
A Notes column was added at the end. These notes generally include details that were originally part of the name.

The actual database includes 3,144 names, 49% men and 51% women.

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