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Genealogy oriented

Israel Genealogy Research Association
Israel Genealogy Society

Archives and Libraries in Israel

Registration of Births, Marriages, Divorces & Deaths, 19th Century Eretz Yisrael
Sharsheret Hadorot article by S. Shamir (Vol.18, No.2, May 2004)
Censuses in Eretz Yisrael End of 19th-20th century
Sharsheret Hadorot article by S. Shamir (Vol.18, No.1, February 2004)
Beth Hatefutsoth
Yad Vashem - name search online
Burial Societies in Israel
Hevra kadisha (burial society) of Ashdod
Cemetery of Be'eri
Cemetery of Gan Shmuel
Cemetery of Gat (archived version of defunct website)
Hevra kadisha (burial society) of Haifa area
Cemetery of Hatzor (archived website)
Cemetery of Hod Hasharon
Hevra kadisha (burial society) of Jerusalem Har HaZeitim (Mount of Olives)
Cemetery of Kfar Giladi
Cemetery of Kfar Hanasi (archived website)
Cemetery of Kinneret (archived website)
Cemetery of Magen
Cemetery of Mahanayim
Cemetery of Neot Mordechai
Cemetery of Petach Tikvah
Hevra kadisha (burial society) of Tel-Aviv-Jaffa area
Cemetery of Yagur (archived website)

Databases (See for latest available databases )
Montefiore 1839 Census of Eretz Yisrael  (Sephardim in the Montefiore 1839 Census)
Database Compiled by Mathilde Tagger and Rose Feldman
Gaon, Moshe David. [Oriental Jews in Eretz Yisrael], Jerusalem, 1938
Annotated Index Compiled by Mathilde Tagger
Sephardic Chief Rabbis in Erets Yisrael for the Period 1665-2007 by Mathilde Tagger
Sephardim in Helkat Mehokek: the Mount of Olives
Sephardic Ketubot from Israel
Index of Family Trees in the JNUL archives   (Link off-site)
EIRI-Eretz Israel Records Indexing   (Link off-site) by the Israel Genealogical Society.
More than 100,000 records and around 20,000 different surnames of individuals (click on "pdf file" to see records):
- Records from the Ottoman period (Mount of Olives gravestones, 2 Montefiore censuses British consulate records)
- WW II Records (Refugees in Alexandria, Jewish Legion soldiers, US citizens 1917)
- Records from the British Mandate (1922 British Mandate census, Name changes from 1921-1948 Palestine Gazette, 1929 riot victims, etc.)
Sephardim from Eretz Israel Deported to Bergen Belsen

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For a more complete extensive bibliography

Malka, Jeffrey S.

Sephardic Genealogy:
Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World.

Avotaynu, 2002. Click here for Table of Contents and to order.
Indispensible. The ONLY comprehensive book for Sephardic Genealogy. -- History, research methods, archives, surnames, maps, bibliography, and more.

Tagger, Mathilde and Kerem, Yitchak

Guidebook for Sephardic and Oriental Genealogical Sources in Israel .
Avotaynu, 2006.
Order from Avotaynu now. Thorough detailed guide to resources available in Israel. A must before a trip to Israel.

Sack, SallyAnn Amdur

Guide to Jewish Genealogy in Israel .
Avotaynu, 1995.
Very useful guide to resources available in Israel. A must before a trip to Israel.

Gaon, Moshe David

Yehudei ha-Mizrah be-erets Yisrael.
Jerusalem. 1938.
Vol II is a biographical dictionary of Oriental Jews in Eretz Israel.

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