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Hinojosa Montalvo
The Jews of the Kingdom of Valencia

Hispania Judaica, v.9
Jerusalem: Magnes Press, Hebrew University, 1993.
Index of names compiled by Mathilde Tagger

This book brings to life a comprehensive study of the Jews in the Kingdom of Valencia from the massacres of 1391 to the Expulsion in 1492. The research is based on 881 documents found in various archives and published in part here for the first time.

The author, J. Hinojosa Montalvo, is a well known Spanish historian who published dozens of articles and several books, all centered around Jews and their lives in pre-expulsion Spain.

The present index includes 180 different surnames cited from the studied archival documents. The surnames are accompanied by their given names and the year and place where they were encountered with added notes in some cases. Interesting to underline that 10% of the names in this index are related to women.

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