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North Africa
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Genealogy oriented (See here for full list of available databases)

Jewish Surnames in North Africa
Over 12,000 surnames. Based on the onomastic studies of Maurice Eisenbeth, Abraham Laredo, Paul Sebag, Jacques Taieb, and Joseph Toledano.
Resources in Egypt
Resources in Morocco
The Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People (cahjp)
Hebrew University Campus, Sprinzak Bldg, Givat Ram. P.O.Box 1149, Jerusalem 91010, Israel. Tel./Fax: (972)-2-5635716
'Pinkassim' and documents, inter alia from Casablanca, Fes, Meknes, Mogador and Sefrou (1710-1963)
French naturalisations including those of Algerian and Tunisian Jews 1830-1920
culled from the Archives Departementales de l'Hirault
Le Site Pieds-Noirs
LDS reels for Algeria
Index of Voter Lists in Constantine (Algeria) and its District in 1880
by Mathilde A. Tagger
Essaouira - Mogador Cemeteries
Searchable database
Cimetiere Juif d'Agadir
Names and photos of the tombstones (archived website)
Cimetieres Juif d'Algerie
Photos of tombstones in several Algerian Jewish cemeteries.
East Algerian cemetery
Philippeville cemetery
Lubumbashi Cemetery list Elizabethvile, Congo
Lubumbashi Cemetery Photos Elizabethvile, Congo
Moshe David Gaon: Oriental Jews in Erets Yisrael
Mathilde Tagger's Index of 2,882 Sephardic Rabbis, Scholars and Notables.
In Spain, Provence, Italy, Ottoman Empire, incl. Balkans, Middle East and North Africa.

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General Sites

Minorities Under Islamic Rule.
The Silent Exile. - videos of the forgotten Jewish Refugees from North Africa.
My Libya.
Jews of Libya.
Jews of Tunisia.
Jews of Malta.
Sephardic Jews of the Congo.
Jews of Agadir.
Bassatine News - Cairo Jewish Community website.
Historical Society of Jews from Egypt
Samir Raafat's excellent articles about Cairo's Jews
Karaite Jews from Egypt - including 11,000 person family tree
Aspects of the Holocaust in Libya - by Maurice Roumani
The Sephardic-Moroccan Page
Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands - Resources
Jimena Jews Indigenous to the Middleast and North Africa
Oriental Zionism of Arab-born Jews

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For a more extensive bibliography click here

Malka, Jeffrey S.

Sephardic Genealogy:
Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World.

Avotaynu, 2002. Click here for Table of Contents and to order.
Indispensible. The ONLY comprehensive book for Sephardic Genealogy. -- History, research methods, archives, surnames, maps, bibliography, and more.

Laredo, Abraham

Les Noms des Juifs du Maroc.
Institut Montano, Madrid, 1978.
Extensive biographic listing with detailed sources, etc. Terrific for genealogists

Toledano, Joseph

La Saga des Familles. Les Juifs du Maroc et leurs noms.
Stavit, Tel Aviv, 1983.
Much smaller, but similar to Laredo's Noms des...... Does not indicate sources but has many old photos of family members.

Toledano, Joseph

Une Histoire des familles; les Noms de Famille Juifs d'Afrique du Nord.
Jerusalem, 1999.
Includes biographies of past prominent persons and presently living ones.

Malka, Eli

Jacob's Children in the Land of the Mahdi. Jews of the Sudan.
Syracuse University Press 1997.
Only book in existence on this Sephardic community, which is largely composed of Jews from Egypt. Names and photos. Contains a full listing of all Jewish marriages in the Sudan with dates.

Attal, Robert & Avivi, Joseph

Registres Matrimoniaux de la Communaute Juive Juive Portugaise de Tunis. XVIII-XIX siecles. Oriens Judaicus, Institut Ben Zvi, Israel 1989.
Listing of marriages that occurred in the Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis which kept itself separate from the local Tuansa Jews and kept careful records. Excellent (French and Hebrew editions).

Attal, Robert & Avivi, Joseph

Registres Matrimoniaux de la Communaute Juive Juive Portugaise de Tunis. 1843-1854.
Oriens Judaicus, Institut Ben Zvi, Israel 2000.
Additional marriages (from an book of registers recently discovered by Attal) of the Portuguese Jewish Community of Tunis. Excellent.

Zafrani, Haim.

Juifs d'Andalousie et du Maghreb. (Jews of Andalusia and of the Maghreb).
Paris, Maisonneuve & Larose, 1996.
Essential reading by the foremost authority on the Maghreb and Jewish Andalusia.

Attal, Robert

Les Juifs d'Afrique du Nord - Bibliographie; edition refondue et elargie.
Jerusalem, Institut Ben-Zvi, 1993.
Essential bibliography reference. Covers North Africa in general, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Tripoli. 10,062 citations.

Attal, Robert

Ketubot d'Afrique du Nord a Jerusalem.
Jerusalem, Ben Zvi Institute, 1984
113 ketubot summaries in Ben Zvi Institute, (Jewish National University Library and Israel Museum)

Avivi, Joseph

Manuscrits des Juifs des Maghreb a l'Institut Ben Zvi.
Institute Ben Zvi, Israel.
Lists the manuscripts of Jews of the Maghreb at the Institute Ben Zvi.

Bruno, Louis & Malka, Elie

Receuil de textes Judeo-Arabes de Fes.
Hautes Etudes Marocaines, Rabat 1939.
Collection of Jewish primary documents from Fes.

Deshen, Shlomo

The Mellah Society.
University of Chicago Press 1989.
Best description of Jewish society in pre-colonial Morocco by a noted Professor and expert. Highly recommended.

Romanelli, Samuel

Travail in an Arab Land.
University of Alabama Press 1989.
Uncannily accurate and beautifully written travelogue of an eighteenth century Italian Jew's 4 year stay in Morocco. Highly recommended. (Excellent translation from the poetic Hebrew by Stillman).

Ashtor, Eliyahu

The Jews of Muslim Spain.
Published by Jewish Publications Society, 1993.
A "classic", though dated.

Gerber, Jane

Jewish Society in Fez 1450-1700: Studies in Communal and economic life.
Leiden. E. J. Brill 1980.
Very thorough scholarly study of Jewish life in ancient Fez.

Editions du Scribe

Juifs d'Egypte, Images et Textes.
2nd Ed. Les Editions du Scribe 1984.
Compedium of photographs and images brought together by Jews from Egypt. Beautiful and well done.

Editions du Scribe

Les Juifs du Maroc, Images et Textes.
2nd Ed. Les Editions du Scribe 1991.
Compedium of photographs and images brought together by Jews from Morocco. Beautiful.

Editions du Scribe

Les Juifs de Tunisie, Images et Textes.
2nd Ed. Les Editions du Scribe 1991.
Compedium of photographs and images brought together by Jews from Tunisia. Beautiful.

Sebag, Paul

Les Noms Des Juifs de Tunisie: Origines Et Significations.
Paris: Harmattan, 2002.
Dictionary of Tunisian Jewish names. Has a number of errors but otherwise a good resource of names.

Laskier, Michael M.

The Jews of Egypt. 1920-1970.
NY Univ Press, 1992.
The last decades of the the Jewish community of Egypt.

Laskier, Michael M.

The Alliance Israelite and the Jewish Communities of Morocco 1862-1962.
Albany, State U of NY Press, 1983.
Filled with hard to find facts like all Laskier's books.

Laskier, Michael M.

North African Jewry in the 20th Century: The Jews of Morocco, Tunisia and Algeria.
NYU Press, 1997.
By an expert on Middle Eastern Jewry. Filled with solid facts like all Laskier's books.

Hirschberg, J.W.

A History of the Jews in North Africa (2 vols).
Leiden. E. J. Brill 1974.
Thorough and superb. An absolute must.

Chouraqui, Andre N.

Between East and West. A History of the Jews in North Africa.
Atheneum NY 1973.
Translated from the french. Very informative.

Corcos, David

Studies in the History of the Jews of Morocco.
Rubin Mass, Jerusalem 1976.
Part in English, part in Hebrew.

Salafranca Ortega, J. T.

Historia de la Poblacion Judia de Melilla desde su reconquista por espana hasda 1936.
Detailed study including census sheets, names, photos, and archival sources. By a historian who had lived in Melilla.

Adler, Elkan Nathan

Jewish Travellers in the Middle Ages.
Dover Publishers, 1987.
19 fascinating first hand accounts. Entertaining and broadens your perspective.

Goldberg, Harvey

Sephardi and Middle-east Jewries. History and culture in modern times.
Indiana Univ Press, 1996.
Focus is on today.

Goldberg, Harvey

Jewish life in Muslim Libya.
Univ. Chicago Press 1990.
Focus is on today.

Elazar, Daniel J.

The Other Jews. The Sephardim Today.
Basic Books 1992.
Thought provoking book about Sephardim today, both in Israel and around the world. Highly recommended.

Awret, Irene

Days of Honey: The Tunisian Boyhood of Rafael Uzan.
Schocken Books, 1984.
Biography of the early life of a Safed artist's life in a small Tunisian town and his imprisonment in a Nazi camp. By an award winning artist. Excellent.

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