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Sephardic Ketubot
from France

Index prepared by
Mathilde Tagger


    The National Library of Israel located in Jerusalem has an online Database dedicated to ketubot (marriage contracts) from all over the world at: This database includes the marriage contracts from its own collection but also from various Israeli institutions such as the Ben Zvi Institute, Museum of Israel, etc as well as from large collections from outside the country such as the Jewish Theological Seminary (New York), the Dahan Collection (Brussels) etc.
    The present index includes twenty-two ketubot from Bayonne, Bordeaux (11), Marseille, Nice, Nimes et Paris. The period covered by these ketubot begins from 1665 and ends in 1033 and includes some 90 persons.
    For each ketuba, the researcher will find its url in order to be able to immediately view it as well as the surnames of the groom and bride, their given names and their fathers' names. The names of the paternal grandfathers are often given. In these cases. the groom's or bride's father will be cited, for example as: Yaakov b. Moshe for Yaakov ben Moshe that means: Yaakov son of Moshe.
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