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Revised and enlarged edition (2012)
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Mathilde A. Tagger

  The Jewish surnames found in the ex-Ottoman Empire, or more precisely in the Balkans, have not been the topic of any comprehensive published research. The three exceptions are: the booklet of Asher Moissis1 on the names of the Jews of Greece that is far from being complete and the Sephardic Onomasticon by Baruh Pinto2 on Turkish Jews in which the author tends too much to find a nonexistent Hebrew root. In 1967, Isaac Moskona3 published a long article in the Bulgarian Annual Publication of the Social Cultural and Educational Association of the Jews in the People?s Republic of Bulgaria. This was the first attempt to cover all the Jewish surnames of this community that numbered about 50,000 souls in 1939. Isaac Moskona compiled a list of 509 different surnames based on three sources dating from 1895 to 1967 and gave a meaning for less than half of them.
  The present research covers 798 surnames. The additional ones were mainly found in the collective passports of Bulgarian Jews when they immigrated to Israel from October 1948 to June 1949. Microfilms of these passports are part of the collection of the Central Archives for the History of the Jewish People in Jerusalem.

  Each wave of migration to Bulgaria brought its own group of surnames to the country although each one included Hebrew names. The Dictionary Bibliography
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1 For details see the bibliography
2 Idem
3 Idem
4 See the three dictionaries of Alexander Beider published by Avotaynu

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