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Regesto de documentos
de Archivo de Protocoles de Sevilla
referentes a judios y moros

Klaus Wagner
Publicaciones de la Universidad de Sevilla, 1978.

Jewish Records in 15th Century Seville
indexed by
Jeffrey Malka


   Klaus Wagner (1937-2005), noted medevialist and professor at the Facultad de Filologia of the Universidad de Sevilla, published in 1978 a magnificent but little known book entitled Regesto de documentosd del Archivo de Protocolos de Sevilla referentes a judios y moros. In this publication he extracted and transcribed a number of excerpts from 15th century archival documents in Seville that mention Jews, conversos, and Moors. This extremely important and useful work is unfortunately not well known among genealogists and essentially unavailable in the United States.

   In an attempt to publicize this book and render it more useful I have extracted out of the book various items to include in a searchable database. Of course, the book contains much more complete information. But, this will assist genealogists and historians searching the topic and alert them to wealth of information this book can provide. For further information the book can then be purchased from the Universidad of Sevilla.

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- In the few cases where women's surnames were mentioned they are different from their husbands' surnames as was the tradition in medieval Spain.
- Be creative. Semuel may be spelled Symuel; Yucef may appear as Yocef, Yucef, or Yuceb.

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