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Genealogy oriented

Cercle de Généalogie Juive
Search French Archive records (naturalizations, etc.)
Guide to French Archives by Ernest Kallman
Archives d'Outre-mer (French colonies and Algeria)
French Canadian family with Sephardic roots in France. Juiellineau family.
List of Jews of Antwerp in 1902 (Belgium)

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French Jews exterminated in Concentration Camps
French Jews Deported to Bergen Belsen
1808 Southeast France Name Declaration (Juifs du Pape) by Alexandre Beider
France Southwest (Sephardic Jews from Bordeaux, Bayonne etc. who lived as Crypto-Jews before 1723) by Alexandre Beider
Sephardic Ketubot from France

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General Sites

Rachelnet - searchable Jewish library database
Jewish Community of Tahiti (French Polynesia)
Alliance Israelite Universelle
Carpentras in the Comtat

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For a more complete extensive bibliography

Malka, Jeffrey S.

Sephardic Genealogy:
Discovering Your Sephardic Ancestors and Their World.

Avotaynu, 2002. Click here for Table of Contents and to order.
Indispensible. The ONLY comprehensive book for Sephardic Genealogy. -- History, research methods, archives, surnames, maps, bibliography, and more.

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