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Iraq and Syria
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Genealogy oriented
Iraqi Jews - Genealogy.

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Jews of Irak deported from France during WWII
Given Names of the Jewish Women of Damascus – 1583-1909 Aleppo Brit Milah (Circumcision) Database, 1868-1945
Aleppo Marriage database
Aleppo Eulogies database
Jews from Iraq, Lebanon, Libya, and Syria Deported from France in WWII
Damascus Jews in the Ottoman period (1583-1909)
Tombstone Inscriptions of Aleppo Rabbis
Rabbis buried in Damascus 5410 - 5693 (1650 - 1933 C.E.)
Sephardic Ketubot from Syria (170 persons)
Sephardic Surnames in the Ottoman Empire

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General Sites

Jews of Aleppo infofile by Sarina Roffé
Syrian Jews mark 100 yrs in US (archived)
Babylonian Jewry Heritage Center
Jews of Iraq.
Loolwa Khazzoom website (archived)
Jewish Refugees from Arab Lands Resources
Eli Sawadayee's reminiscences of Baghdad (archived website) famous Iraqi artist
Iraqi Jews who left Baghdad during the 1960s and 1970s.
Baghdadi Jews
The Scribe Journal (archived website) Photos, family trees, etc.
The Iraqi Jews of Shanghai (archived website)
Jews of Bombay

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Yona, Mordechai.
Kurdish Jewish Encyclopedia.
University of Miami Press.
2 vols., in Hebrew, numerous family trees and numerous color photos of people.

There are many books of interest to a researcher of Iraqi Jews.
For a list go to my "Book" section .

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