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French Jews
Deported to Bergen Belsen Concentration Camp
During WW II

Index prepared by
Mathilde Tagger


    Located in Lower Saxony, the Bergen Belsen camp was established in April 1943 as a detention camp for prisoners who were to be exchanged with Germans imprisoned in Allied countries.
    During the year of 1943, Germans interned there Jews holding nationality of neutral countries such as Spain, Argentina, Turkey etc. From January 1944 it became a camp of concentration like all the others.
    85,000 Jews were deported from France from March 1942 till August 1944, when France was liberated by the allies and French Resistance forces.
    Fourteen Jews interned in Bergen Belsen were born in France, 13 in Paris and one in Marseille. Two of them had surnames found in North-Africa while the others have surnames found in the Balkans. They may have a nationality of one of the neutral countries.
    The present index French Jewish deportees, is based on the book: Bergen Belsen; 1940-1945 Niedersachsische Landerzentrale fuer Politische Bildung. Gedenkbuch ; haeflinge des Konzentrazionlager Bergen Belsen. Bergen Belsen, Gedenstatte, 1995, lists Jews from all the nations who were interned in Bergen Belsen concentration camp.

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