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Examples of Medieval Spanish script
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(Language may be latin or Spanish, but it is the period script that matters).

This is an example of XI century Spanish script.

The following is a letter from Queen Isabella to Juan II of Navarre.
Biblioteca National, Madrid.

Next is part of a document in which Pedro I, king of Aragon and Navarra, donates a new church to the Monastery of Ona. It is of great interest because of the signature of the Catholic King Pedro I which he signed in arabic letters at the bottom! It reads in arabic script (from right to left): Reshem Pedro Ibn Sancho (King Pedro son of Sancho). This from a Catholic king donating a church to a Catholic monastery.
Archivo Historico National, Madrid.

XV century. This, is part of the "Libro de buen amor" (don't ask) by Ruiz, the Archbishop of Hita.
Biblioteca de Palacio, Madrid.

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