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187 Rabbis Buried in Izmir, Turkey
During the Years: 5300 - 5620 (1540 - 1860 C.E.)

from the book:
Laniado, David Tsion. [Book Dedicated to Aleppo Saints]
Addendum. Jerusalem, 1952 (Hebrew)
Index Compiled by Mathilde Tagger


   Rabbi David Tsion Laniado had added to his collection of Aleppo rabbis' epitaphs, 187 epitaphs of Rabbis burried in Izmir, Turkey who died during the 5300 - 5620 (1540 - 1860 C.E.).
  Laniado writes that the source of these Izmir tombstone inscriptions is a manuscript he found in the Alliance Israelite Universelle archives in Paris.
The details found here are:
1. The Surname
2. The Given name
3. The Date of Death
4. Notes- from time to time
Some biographical details about R' Laniado can be read in the introduction to the Damascus rabbis' epitaphs.

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2. Note: One Rabbi buried in Izmir (Smyrna) in 5525 (1764 C.E.) was from Poland and though he had the given name Yehuda Leib, he had no surname.

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