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2251 Oved Abraham   1865: Member of Haskeuy community committee II: 159
2252 Oyero Family   1940: No more existing among Izmir Jewish population III: 36
2253 Padova Mercado   19th cent: Physician in Izmir III: 131
2254 Padova Moreno Mercado 19th cent: Physician in Izmir III: 131
2255 Paker M.   20th cent(beg)- Notable of the Ashkenazi community II: 204
2256 Palacci Abraham   1881: Published in Izmir Vayossef Abraham in Judeo-Spanish III: 292
2257 Palacci Abraham (R') Haim Born in Izmir in 1809; 1840: Got money from a philantropist in Bucarest for printing his father books and for founding the Beit Hilel yeshiva; 1869: Became Izmir Ch-R'; died in 1899 "II: 287 III: 4,19,20,21,22,23,24,29,41,65,70,93"
2258 Palacci Benjamin   1890 and later: R' in Tire III: 337
2259 Palacci Haim (Effendi)   "Born in Izmir in 1788; 1852: Ch-R' of Izmir;1879-80: Communal Council Member in I'bul; died on Feb.9, 1869" "I: 148,251,256,257,273,307 II: 91,270,287 III: 14,15,16,28,29,40,129,177"
2260 Palacci Hilel   1929-33: Member of Izmir communal council II: 269
2261 Palacci Isaac Haim Brother of Ch-R' Abraham Palacci III: 22
2262 Palacci Jacob   19th/20th cent(beg)- directing a choir Choeur des Maftirim in Istanbul I: 352 II: 115
2263 Palacci Joseph Haim Born in 1819 in IzmirBrother of Ch-R' Abraham Palacci "III: 22,24"
2264 Palacci Joseph   1896: Printed his book Yosef et ehav at Mordekhai Isaac Barki printinghouse in Izmir III: 81
2265 Palacci Nissim Abraham b. Haim "Son of Ch-R' Abraham Palacci, who tried to support his brother's nomination (Salomon) as Ch-R', bur failed" III: 24
2266 Palacci Nissim   20th cent (beg)- Helped for the function of the Jewish Hospital in Istanbul; 1928-31: Member of Galata community committee;1935-39: Member of the Haskeuy community committee "I: 335 II: 160,167,168"
2267 Palacci Nissim Isaac 1869: Printed his book Avot harosh at Isaac samuel Segura printinghouse in Izmir III: 81
2268 Palacci Nissim   ca1895:Member of First Instance Court in Izmir III: 126
2269 Palacci Salomon Abraham b. Haim Eldest son of Izmir Ch-R' Abraham Palacci "III: 22,25"
2270 Palacci Samuel   1732 (death date): among the most ancient graves in Kusadasi cemetery IV: 27
2271 Palombo Abraham Elie 18 th cent (mid/end)- R' in the time of Ch-R' Elie Palombo I: 248
2272 Palombo Elie   1762: 17th Ch-R' "I: 248,249"
2273 Palombo Family   1904: Family in Tire III: 346
2274 Palombo Family   19th-20th cent: Family living in Bergama IV: 5
2275 Palombo Jacob   Member of Haskoy Rab. Court under Ch-R' Abraham Levi I: 273
2276 Papoula Family   1940: No more existing among Izmir Jewish population III: 36
2277 Paralli Moise   1925- Active in Joint Distribution Committee in Istanbul I: 338
2278 Paralli Rose (Mme)   20th cent(beg)- Active member for the orphanage foundation in Istanbul I: 338
2279 Pardo Albert   1891: among the founders of a Musical Society in Izmir III: 124
2280 Pardo Behor Joseph 1889: Member of Izmir communal council II: 266
2281 Pardo David   "Born Dec.17, 1888 in Philpopoli, Bulgaria; editor of several journals in Bulgaria and in Vienna, Austria; 1914: Moved to Istanbul & Assistant at la Boz de Turkiyeand other journals; 1940: moved to Tel Aviv" "II: 99, 105"
2282 Pardo Haim   "d: 1730, Physician in Izmir" III: 130
2283 Pardo Haim Elie "1782: Printer, edited Masekhet Berakhot." II: 91
2284 Pardo Isaac   "d. 1689, Physician in Izmir" III: 130
2285 Pardo Joseph   Teacher of French at the Artillery and Engineering School II: 119
2286 Pardo Nissim Juda Worked for newspapaers in Izmir III: 78
2287 Pardo Raphael   1801: Printer edited Sefer hapardes al Rashi; 1865: Member of Yeni Mahalle community committee "II: 91,159"
2288 Pardo Yomtob   19th cent: 1st drogman at the Swede & Norway consulate in Izmir III: 168
2289 Pariente Semtob   Alliance school headmaster; c1881: Decided to open an AIU school for girls in Izmir "III: 70,71,92"
2290 Pariente Semtob   Helped the Izmir community in many fields. Was the AIU school manager "III: 138,158, 172"
2291 Parnas Moise Eliezer "1544-1547: edited some books, the last was: Torat Moshe by Moise Pino. Of Romaniote origin" II: 88
2292 Parnasse Elie   15th cent.- R' opposed to Ch-R' Moche Capsali I: 232
2293 Passi David   ca290: Counsellor of the Appeal Court in Izmir III: 127
2294 Pavon Jacques   1942: Member of Sirkedji committee II: 173
2295 Paz (de) Behor   "1923 and ealier: R', shohet and Hazan in Bayindir community" III: 347
2296 Paz (de) Ephraim   Died on 12 Kislev 5440=1680 III:36
2297 Paz (de) Family   1940: No more existing among Izmir Jewish population III: 36
2298 Penso Bension   20th cent (beg)- Helped for the function of the Jewish Hospital in Istanbul I: 335
2299 Perahia Jacques   1940: Member of Cadikeuy committee; Assistant at La Boz de Turkiye "II: 99,176"
2300 Pereira Abraham   17th/18th cent- R' in of Ch-R' Yomtov Ben Yakar &Haim Camhi's time "I: 244,246"

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